We are the Whitney Museum Union (WMU)!

We are the staff of the Whitney Museum of American Art. We are educators, curators, front desk and gallery attendants, exhibition coordinators and registrars, production and facilities staff, fundraisers, editors, archivists, custodians, and many more. We are proud to support artists and the creation and presentation of new art in all forms, made possible by our work.

We formed our union in August 2021 to address our low wages, our lack of job security, and unsustainable conditions of work. More than half of us earn under $20 per hour. Many of us are also classified as “temporary” and receive no benefits despite working months
at the Museum.

WMU staff deserve a living wage and a fair contract!

We have been in contract negotiations since November 2021. Some of the issues most important to us are job security, improved health and safety measures, reliable and affordable health coverage, and a living wage.

We need your help!

Here are ways for your to support a fair contract and a living wage for the workers of WMU:

  • Email Whitney Museum Director Adam D. Weinberg at adam_weinberg@whitney.org, and urge management to ensure fair compensation and equal treatment for all WMU workers.
  • Show your support on social media! Follow and tag @whitneymuseumunion on Instagram, and use the hashtags #whitneymuseumunion #WMU #faircontract

Thank you for your support and solidarity! Together, we can make the Whitney Museum a better place for everyone–staff, artists, community members, and visitors alike.